Better memory and
sharper focus — naturally

Focus and concentration

It’s a glorious moment when an idea, thought, or answer becomes crystal clear in your mind but being able to focus on demand seems to get more difficult by the minute. Many factors can interfere with your ability to concentrate, and that has a direct effect on everything you do.

focus2Focus and concentration are somewhat mysterious processes in the brain. Neuroscientist and Harvard University professor Jeffrey Lichtman, MD, PhD, says “If understanding everything we need to know about the brain is a mile long, we are now at about three inches.” Even so, research into the workings of the brain is well underway and we’ve already learned a lot.

Things you do every day are having an effect — both good and bad — on your brain right now. Knowing more about them can help you sharpen and harness your ability to focus, concentrate and pay attention. Good focus and concentration depend on your brain getting what it needs every day, and we can help with that.