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Memory Quiz

Are you feeling forgetful and worried about your memory? Do you wonder if stress and anxiety are taking their toll on your ability to remember and focus? Our Memory Quiz can help assess the status of your memory and determine which factors may be having a negative impact on your memory right now. Your quiz results and answers will also help you understand the kinds of diet and lifestyle changes that can matter most when it comes to supporting your memory. And the quiz can also guide you to know when it’s time to see your healthcare practitioner.

Let’s get started on assessing how healthy your memory is.

First, let’s find out if you are regularly experiencing any of the events listed below in questions 1 through 12 — and by regularly, we mean at least once per week.


Memory Quiz

Other issues affecting your memory


Depression Quiz


Depression Quiz

Attention Disorder

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Sleep disorder

Sleep disorder Quiz

Hormonal Fluctuation

Hormonal Fluctuation Quiz

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